Project Hurrah!

Posted: January 22, 2010 in Projects

About the Project: Project Hurrah is an attempt to compile the Ayala Young Leaders Alumni (AYLA) efforts in paying forward what they have experienced during their respective Ayala Young Leaders Congresses. This would be an in-depth documentation of the 11 years that the alumni community has been silently working in different parts of the Philippines through its 18 chapters and 5 ad hoc.

Project Hurrah hopes to highlight the different projects and programs initiated by AYLC alumni that have created ripples of change in their respective communities. This compilation of stories of change and leadership will serve as an inspiration to future AYLC alumni and will see to more AYLA-lead projects in the future.

Instructions: Answer the specific questions as descriptive as possible. Quantitative and qualitative information you can provide us will help our writers in developing a consolidated story for all the projects.

For questions get in touch with JR Demecais at 09178607764 or 752.1065. Accomplished forms send to:

Thank you!

Project Hurrah Questionaire 

  1. Czarina says:

    This is a welcome effort! It would be wonderful to really have a sense of what the community has accomplished over the years. 🙂

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