Starfishsilog Day 1: ‘Leadership is about change’ – SCM

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Article

  ZEROING in on change, the delegates of the 12th Ayala Young Leaders Congress (AYLC) were introduced to leadership as a vehicle for positive change.

Leadership is inherently about people working together towards change. Leaders act to create positive change in their organizations and communities. They make a positive difference and make a better world, said Simon C. Mossesgeld, AYLC 2010 Congress Director, in his talk on Servant Leadership.

Mossesgeld introduced Robert K. Greenleafs framework of Servant Leadership to the young student leaders, a leadership framework that has been adopted by the AYLC program.

 Being a servant leader, leads to positive change in a given community, he noted.

 “As Servant Leader, you must lead your organizations to make a difference and promote the well being of the school and the community and most particularly, serve those in society who have less in life – the last, the lost, and the least,” said Mossesgeld.

And while great acts may be associated with leadership, simple acts of caring and seeing to their own growths were enough.

 Servant-leadership is not necessarily about moving mountains, saving lives and changing the world, though these can be its great purposes. It is at its heart about caring deeply enough for one other person or for a group of persons helping them become who they are, stand on their own and capable of taking hold of their own future and destiny,said Mossesgeld.

  1. regin n manamba says:

    hello po!sana po ipost din ninyo ung mga aspiring applicants from the very beginning of the process para malaman namin if nareceive ang application namin..thanks po at more powers..(huhuhu..wala na ako chance para makasama sa AYLC)

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