Starfishsilog Day 2: Change champions go personal

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Article

 THREE Change Champions yesterday joined the delegates of the 12th Ayala Young Leaders Congress (AYLC), discussing their own stories of change in their respective sectors.

Making up the panel of Change Champions were South Cotabato Governor Daisy Avance-Fuentes, Rene Almendras, President of the Manila Water Company, Inc., and Jaime Garchitorena, convenor of Young Public Servants and Youth Vote Philippines.

After having created waves in Mindanao, Fuentes shared her path of good governance and change to the young student leaders.

If you know what is right, then you will do your best to do it,” said Fuentes.

Fuentes is known for her many innovations and changes she has introduced in South Cotabato Province, empowering the Philippine National Police and the Philippine Army in their campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs, criminalities and acts of terrorism.

Fuentes also shared her vigilance and will to stand up for what is right throughout her terms as congresswoman and as governor.

Making change a part of her life, Fuentes challenged the delegates to make change a way of life for themselves.

If you want to change (things), do not as if you are a messiah – do it, as if it were your way of life,” said Fuentes.

While changes may happen gradually and not as easily as expected, Fuentes shared that change would still happen.

Even if there are failures, the changes will still happen. The changes will continue,” she said.

She likewise challenged the delegates to always keep their communities in mind and see to their benefit.

Every good deed you do, no matter how little will still matter,” said Fuentes.

Why do I do what I do?” said Garchitorena as an opening statement, stirring the interest of the delegates. He challenged them to find a “space” that would benefit them first.

He emphasized that the motivation to change starts from within the self. He explained that change needs to be personal. However, Garchitorena realized that there was a need to be involved with other people. For him, involving other people made him a Change Champion.

Garchitorena also talked about what young people can do to make their life meaningful. His statement, “When you die, what will Google say about you?” is a statement that translates his definition of leadership – a call for vigilance.

Almendras shared Manila Water’s own brand of leadership with its efforts of reaching out to communities and touching lives.

My best definition of leadership is the one who will bring me to places I’ve never been through.”said Almendras.

As a highlight, Almendras shared how Manila Water Co. places focus on the “bottom of the pyramid,” by seeing to the provision of water to those who need it the most.

Likewise, the company puts to heart their social responsibilities to their communities.

Almendras also shared the “Triple-Bottom Line” framework adopted by Manila Water Co. This, he said, was the “perfect alignment.”

The Triple-Bottom Line is Financial Profit, Social Profit and Environmental Profit is also practiced throughout the Ayala Group.


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