AYLC 2011 School Caravan Kicks off

Posted: June 28, 2010 in AYLC News

IT’S caravan season once again.

And like the usual caravans in the past, the search is once again on for the delegates of the annual Ayala Young Leaders Congress (AYLC).

The AYLC 2011 School Caravan formally kicks off this month, as Ayala Young Leaders Alliance (AYLA) Chapters nationwide will visit various colleges and universities in their regions to actively promote the annual summit and gather more applicants.

The annual AYLC School Caravan aims to promote AYLC 2011 and gather more congress applicants from various universities and colleges. It likewise allows students from all disciplines to give it a shot and apply for AYLC 2011.

Last year, 81 delegates attended the AYLC 2010. This year, the congress hopes to see another round of 80 promising student leaders from all over the Philippines get inspired and hone their leadership skills.

Now on its 13th, the congress is participated by 80 of the most outstanding student leaders selected from various universities and colleges across the country. Applicants for the congress will undergo a rigorous screening and selection process, before being shortlisted to the top 150 applicants. The top 150 applicants will undergo another round of screening, where they will be asked to come for a round of panel interviews. The top 80 delegates will be selected from this final leg of screening process.

The 80 delegates for the 13th Ayala Young Leaders Congress will be asked to attend the summit at Alfonso, Cavite on February 8 to 11, 2011.

For more information regarding AYLC 2011 and the AYLC 2011 School Caravan, or if you wish to have the local AYLA Chapter in your area visit your school, you may get in touch with Joseph Anthony Quesada, Program Manager at (02) 752 1065 or email: secretariat@ayalayoungleaders.ph.

  1. zabalafreddiejr says:

    Congrats for putting up this blog site! I also once became an AYALA finalist way back 2005, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to made it to the Top 70. Nevertheless, it was a good experienced being interviewed by the Ayala Managers or should I say (interviewers).

    FYI: that was my first to ride in an airplane, and it was FREE. Thanks to the AYALA Corporation for creating project such as this.

    Congrats Young leaders…

    Freddie Zabala Jr. of WVSU – Iloilo City

  2. Jalyssa Kalinina Abad says:


    I was inspired after having read the announcement regarding the upcoming AYLC. I’m a student from Saint Louis University, Baguio City. And it has been years since I encountered such inspiring event! What an opportunity to be able to share what I have experienced and learned from my years of leadership in school. I do really want to be part of this event. Really. Yet, I don’t really know how I would be able to pass all the requirements. Rest assured, I know that this event would really be of great help since I know, if given the chance, that the people whom I will be encountering would be tremendously awesome! GREAT event, GREAT leaders, GREAT FUTURE!

    May I know how can I get in the event?please?

    • Hi Jalyssa,

      Thank you for taking interest in applying for the 14th National Ayala Young Leaders Congress. We are happy to hear of your enthusiasm. For more information on the requirements and applying for AYLC, you may visit http://www.ayalayoungleaders.ph. You will find the application process and all other information you may need that will guide you through the process. We also encourage you to check with your OSA, as we have already sent out our application packets to the schools.

      Thank you very much!

      AYLC Secretariat

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