Taking Starfish Online: Call for applications to the Editorial Board

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear Alumni,

This is it! This is the best news yet!

Missed your favorite magazine? Missed your dose of inspiration? Missed writing?

Well, weeeee’re back! Starfish Magazine will be back this year, and we are finally going online!

But we need you! Let’s take Starfish Online! We need an editorial board! And with over 900 talented alumni, we’re pretty sure that our Starfish Editors are among them. And that’s you!

Apply now! Check out the note below on how to apply!



Please distribute to your respective AYLA batch e-groups. Apologies to those who will receive this email more than once.

Taking Starfish Online: Call for Applications to the Editorial Board

The Starfish program remains to be one of the highlights of the Ayala Young Leaders alumni community activities.  Since Starfish started in 2005, it has successfully provided a venue for alumni to share their leadership stories and insights, despite the many management and financial challenges encountered along the way.  The clamor to revive the Starfish project is strong among the alumni pool, as well as the Ayala Young Leaders Congress program movers and executives. Starfish has great significance in developing an identity for the Ayala Young Leaders alumni community.

The formal creation of the Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association (AYLAA) in 2011 brings forth many changes for the Starfish project. First, Starfish will be directly managed and financed by the AYLAA, as one of its key result areas. Second, Starfish will be taken to an online platform to ease the financial challenges of seeking quarterly printing expenses in Starfish’ magazine format. And third, Starfish takes on a more nuanced twist in its approach as a platform for youth empowerment – it will now adopt the mission and vision of the AYLAA:

Mission: Leaders Empowering Leaders
Vision: A vibrant community of Filipino youth servant leaders who create and implement relevant, sustainable, and impactful programs that contribute to nation-building

With this in mind, Starfish opens a new chapter.

This document serves as a conceptual teaser, and an open invitation to all alumni who are willing to commit to the revival and sustainability of Starfish.

The New Starfish

Starfish will be made available as an online platform. This allows for faster uploads for articles, photos, and other information.

Starfish will remain to be a venue for the alumni to share their leadership experiences and insights. Content will be guided by the AYLAA mission and vision, with special interest of highlighting “Filipino youth servant leadership”.

As per content categorizations, Starfish Online will be guided by the pegs of Time online, and The Huffington Post. Both of these pegs offer a range of content – news, opinion, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, among others. Starfish wants to cover the range of youth topics that cannot be handled by its former magazine format.


In light of the efforts to revive Starfish, positions are available for the editorial board. The following posts are open for applications:

§  Editor-in-chief

o   Handles over-all coordination of the operations and editorial direction of Starfish

o   Represents Starfish to the AYLAA Steering Committee, and directly supervised by the AYLAA Research and Knowledge Management Head and Starfish Editorial Adviser

o   Represents Starfish to external partners, in coordination with the AYLAA Steering Committee

§  Associate Editor

o   Handles the generation and coordination for article production

§  Managing Editor

o   Handles the operational matters of Starfish, including but are not limited to: monitoring and tracking of website-related concerns, marketing and promotions,

§  Regular Columnists (at least 3)

o   Contributes articles on a regular basis (i.e., bi-monthly), based on specialized topics

§  Web Editor

o   Handles all web-related concerns – website hosting, designs, features, among others.

Starfish will still be open for contributions from non-members of the Editorial Board.


To apply for the said positions, you must be an alumnus/alumna of the Ayala Young Leaders Congress, preferably a bona fide member of the AYLAA. Kindly email ayla@ayalayoungleaders.ph for details on AYLAA membership.

For applicants, please email the following to Czarina Medina at czarinamedina@alumni.ateneo.edu by July 29, Friday:

§  Updated CV, with recent photo – make sure to indicate your AYLC batch
§  Three (3) sample works related to the position you are applying for
§  An essay of 200-300 words detailing how you can perform the functions that you are applying for given your current commitments.

Membership in the Editorial Board is a volunteer opportunity. However, AYLAA will cover operational expenses and other allowances for the editorial board members to cover for the demands of the production process.

Additional questions may be addressed to Czarina Medina through the email address indicated above.

Thank you very much!



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